Smile Laura is on Amazon

Amazon Smile Amazon has created a program where if you go in through Amazon smile instead of straight a small percentage of every purchase (taken off Amazon’s share – the price you pay won’t increase) and donate it to your

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Burr Oak Laura Days 2015 Festival Recap

One of the quieter Laura events, Burr Oak’s Laura Days is definitely worth the trip. Try to get there in the morning to see their parade. It tends to have all the normal small town “Days” events (minus the beer

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One More on the Way: Fast Food

I had one more One More on the Way posts ready to go, so I decided to go ahead and share it. This will be the last of this year’s series, but I think I will work on more of

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It Takes All Kinds of People to Make a Conference

It takes all kinds of people to make a conference. LauraPalooza 2015 had a lot of help.

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LauraPalooza 2015 Evaluation

We hope you have enjoyed your time in Brookings! The conference committee wants to make sure your LauraPalooza experience is always the best it can be. Please fill out our evaluation and tell us how we did. Fill out the evaluation here. Please

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Medical Issues at the Conference

Hopefully no one will need to know this information, but after an unfortunate allergic reaction at a conference I attended a couple of years ago I wanted to be sure that everyone knew the basic medical information. The campus does

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Manchester, SD: Connected to Laura, Wiped off the Map

“Where is the claim?” Pa inquired. “It is some little distance north of Manchester,” said Ma. Manchester was a new little town, west of De Smet. –These Happy Golden Years Manchester, South Dakota, was a neighbor to De Smet, established in

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And One More on the Way: Kirk Dirt

Another post in the series of places to add on to your Laura Ingalls Wilder trip, whether you’re headed to LauraPalooza or just on your own. If you know me you know I find a lot of different things interesting.

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Directions on the SDSU Campus

This information has already come your way, but I wanted to remind everybody about where to find things on campus. You will probably come into Brookings from either the east or the west on Highway 14 aka the Laura Ingalls

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Who is Harvey Dunn?

 This year the LauraPalooza conference welcome reception will be held at the South Dakota State Art Museum. The museum got its start when Manchester born, famous artist and illustrator, Harvey Dunn donated a large collection of his prairie paintings. His collection

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