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I’m pretty good at finding a “Laura” connection in ordinary things, even vacations. My husband has a business trip to Rochester, NY – woo hoo, it’s only a short 5 hour drive to Malone! I need to visit my sister in southern Alabama – time to check out Westville, Florida, where Laura and Almanzo lived for almost a year in 1891/92. Family reunion in Branson, Missouri – SCORE, just a hop, skip and jump to Rocky Ridge in Mansfield!

But even I didn’t think I could possibly find a way to link a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida with Laura Ingalls Wilder…until recently.

On a recent vacation to Orlando, while reading The Wilder Family Story, I discovered that Almanzo’s older sister Alice, a beloved character in Farmer Boy, had lived in Georgiana, Florida, from around 1887 until her death in 1892. A little research uncovered that Georgiana was near Cape Canaveral which is only 40 or so short miles from Orlando. That was a fascinating fact but I didn’t think much of it until my husband asked if we were going to go there and look for Alice’s grave. Now I don’t know about you but grave hunting isn’t exactly on my normal itinerary for a vacation. However, the idea was intriguing. Plus, I would never turn down an opportunity to drag my husband on a LIW trip. He gets a little more into it each time we visit a site, which fits into my evil plan to turn him into a “Laura” fan.

Thanks to the Internet, I soon had the exact location of Alice’s grave and directions to get there – ROAD TRIP! georgianna-umc4Georgiana, Florida, doesn’t really exist as a town anymore even though you can find its name on a map. It probably used to be a bustling community but all that’s left now is the historic Methodist church, where Alice and her husband worshipped and daughter Myrtle was married in 1902, and the graveyard across the street. Still, you can get a sense of how it must have been in Alice’s time. Perched on the shore of the Indian River with plenty of citrus orchards for work, it probably was a pleasant place to live. Apparently the Florida heat and humidity didn’t agree with Alice though. She and Albert moved to Florida to improve his health, which worked for him but her health declined and Alice died in Florida in February 1892 at the age of 39. Laura and Almanzo were living in a completely different part of Florida at that time but I would like to believe that they were able to take a train to Georgiana to visit with Alice before she died.

The graveyard is a short walk down the road from the church. No one has been buried there for over 50 years and, according to the Internet, it’s quite haunted, but no spirits materialized to disturb our visit.


Alice’s headstone, which reads Alice M. Baldwin, was easy to find and there was something momentous about standing in front of her grave. She felt like a real person to me, rather than just a secondary character in a book. I wished I’d brought flowers and it bothered me that there probably weren’t a lot of people around who even knew the story of the young woman buried there. I felt so strongly about the flower issue that we actually came back the next day to lay a bouquet at the site and to take more pictures. We hope to return on a future visit to try to determine where Alice and Albert lived in Georgiana.

All in all it was an unlikely “Laura” trip but a very special one. It isn’t every day you get to do something so out of the ordinary. If you’re going to be in the Orlando area, I would recommend a side trip to Georgiana to anyone that wants to dig a little deeper into the lives of Laura and her extended family.

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14 comments on “Alice Wilder in Florida
  1. Thanks for a great post Jonni. I love finding obscure links to Laura and this is a great one.

  2. John A. Bass says:

    HEY! (Hey Cheryl!) I agree with Cheryl, too…I love to see and read “these type” blogs, because it pertains to very important historical aspects of Laura and her family. I love to travel, like Rebecca, and will be going (back) to Florida this year, too…to visit Alice and Al Baldwin’s grave. What do you all think of a story (with photos) of the many different grave sites of all the family? Perhaps for the Homesteader! I will begin to work on this soon, for I have been wanting to put this together for awhile anyways.
    P.S. Please remember to pay a visit to WESTVILLE, FLORIDA! We are having our 4th Annual Ingalls Family and Friends Picnic Reunion on Sat., Sept. 26, 2009! Hope to see YOU there! -John Bass

  3. John, I think that the grave site story is a great idea.

    I hope to make it back to Westville this year. I missed it in 2008, but you and all the Ingalls family members were in my thoughts. Anyone who has not been, you definitely won’t go hungry.

  4. karen Steliga says:

    It is always refreshing to know that I am not the only one who is fanatically interested in anything to do with Laura Ingalls Wilder. I have always wanted to know why Alice died so young. Ever since I went to Laura and Almanzo’s house and saw Alice’s picture as an adult (I remember being shocked at how pretty she was), I had wanted to know what happened to her. This summer I am planning to go to the Wilder home in Malone!

  5. Patty C says:

    Thank you for the fun read. Does anyone know what Alice died of?

  6. Jennifer Neale says:

    Thank you for posting this story. I have many great memories from reading/watching Little House series. One little detail, there have been burials there within the past 50 years. My father David C. Neale was buried there August 6, 2005. As a child I visited my father in Florida each summer and we would go on long drives and adventures…a favorite spot was this cemetery. When he died unexpectedly, without his burial/funeral wishes known, there was only one place I could think of that had special meaning to us. It took some tracking down but I found the cemetery caretaker and there were two spots left. I sure wish I would have known about Ms. Baldwin when I was a child. From now on I will pay my respects and make sure she has flowers. Thank you again for posting:)

  7. Annia says:

    Thanks for the information. I’ve always wondered about Alice, seeing how closed she was with her brother, Almanzo. I found a picture of her entire family when she was about 15-16, I guess, and she was the prettiest one of all three Wilder girls. May God rest her soul.

  8. Stephen Tate says:

    What an awsesome discovery! Thank you for the information as I also love finding out what happened to all the characters in Laura s books.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this.
    I was wondering if Alice has any descendants from her daughter.

    • B E Bolinsky says:

      There are many descendants of Alice from her daughter Myrtle in the area around Brevard and St. Lucie County, Florida as well as in Alachua County where Myrtle ended up living.

  10. Stephen tate says:

    Does any one have any pics of Alice. ?

  11. Susan Root says:

    Alice Wilder Baldwin is my children’s great great great grandmother

    • Amy Hume says:

      Hello Susan. Nice to hear from one descendant ( through your children’s father i suppose ) . Which state are you based? and through which of her two children? Thanks for any information on this lady.