Month: April 2009

Laura's Cousin

Keeping the Ingalls family legacy alive…

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New Tour Dates for Little House – The Musical

New dates for Little House – The Musical

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The Michigan Connection…

Little House – The Michigan Connection

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Pa's Fiddle… On Your MP3 Player?

Take Pa’s music with you wherever you go!

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Little House in Strange Places

It’s there! Can you spot it?

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Beans in the Bean Pot

As I savored the rich, lovely brown taste of my mother’s Boston Baked Beans at Easter this year, I had a thought: Did Ma have a bean pot? Like Ma’s family, mine has roots in New England, and one recipe

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Hey! A New Little House Musical Web Site!

And it’s needlepoint!

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Country Contentment

“One gains a lot by going out into the world, by traveling and living in different places,” Rose said to me one day, “but one loses a great deal, too. After all I’m not sure but the loss is greater

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Off the Beaten Trail…

I often say that I’ve been to all of the Little House sites multiple times. However, that isn’t quite true. The fact is, there are many Little House related sites that I haven’t visited and probably never will. They are

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Vacation Planner Finale

I’ve been getting questions lately from people who stumbled on one of the Vacation Planner posts and couldn’t find the rest, so I thought I’d tie together any loose ends and post links to the entire series so that it’s

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