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9 responses to “The Spirituality of Laura Ingalls Wilder”

  1. Linda

    I remember reading about the Rose years. Then it got harder to understand.

  2. Melanie Beasley

    Didn’t Mary and Laura learn all the Psalms? ALL of them? That floors me every time.

    1. Sarah Uthoff

      Laura actually won a contest in Walnut Grove for memorizing the most Bible verses.

      Sarah S. Uthoff

  3. Carrie

    From the description of Sundays in the first book it seems that the Ingalls, at least Pa’s family are Seventh Day Adventist. Particularly the idea that Sabbath began sundown Saturday night to sundown Sunday.

  4. naomi

    Yeah, definitely nothing to suggest that the family were Seventh Day Adventists. Aside from the fact that they kept a Sunday Sabbath, the church didn’t even come into being until after Charles Ingalls was born, and didn’t spread much beyond its original congregation until shortly before Laura was born.

    1. TLynn

      Not to mention that they were drinking coffee and eating pork all the time!

  5. Carrie (Oz)

    Interesting discussion. I spent a good proportion of last year working in the South Pacific (yes, I know – start the violins). One thing I noticed in one of the countries, was their strict observance of the Sabbath, which started on Saturday night. This was irrespective of religious denomination, which included Wesley, Latter Day Saints and Uniting.

  6. Janessa

    I love Laura’s books, they are so good. They really have good detail and I love the pictures

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