Charles Ingalls: Everyone's Pa

On Mother’s Day weekend, we honored Caroline Ingalls by sharing what we most admired about her, what she had taught us, or the influence she had on our lives.

Now it’s Pa’s turn. Charles Ingalls was dearly loved and respected by his daughter Laura, and it is often said that it was the preservation of his stories that motivated Laura to begin writing the story of her childhood in the first place.

Whether it’s a story he told, an expression he used, or something he did or said, now’s your chance to share just what it is about Pa that impresses you most. Happy Father’s Day!

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3 comments on “Charles Ingalls: Everyone's Pa
  1. Tracy says:

    I’ve always appreciated Pa’s respect for other people, especially those who were different – the Osage, Big Jerry – from him. And, as Laura portrayed him, he was a man who never seemed to lose his optimism, that things would be better farther on, that you had to be willing to take chances in life. Laura was lucky to have the 2 parents she had! Happy Fathers Day Pa!

  2. Dr Laura says:

    My favorite saying is “Half pint of cider, half drunk up”.

    I was, and still am, offended by Ann Romines feminist interpretation of Pa as incestuous. I don’t have the book in front of me to quote directly. I have always viewed him as a loving father who portrayed the right mix of wisdon, love and playfulness. I think placing modern views on innocent writing is not an accurate way to interpret Laura’s writing. Sorry Ann, but I have to disagree.

  3. John Bass says:

    Can we REALLY honor PA, by historically marking HIS BIRTHPLACE? I need YOUR help! I need everyone’s help! We MUST do this in the near future, but it takes money and time and effort. -John Bass (IWL)