Summer Giveaway #4

No question this time… just a little game. Let’s do an A-Z Laura Ingalls Wilder/Rose Wilder Lane. I will start us out with A and the next person to comment must leave a word (or phrase) that starts with B and is associated with Laura’s (or Rose’s) life or books. Let’s continue through the whole alphabet and see how far we can get! For example:
  1. A – Apples
  2. B – Buttonholes
Play along in the comment section and be entered in a drawing for a copy of my book Rose Wilder Lane’s San Francisco. In approximately two weeks I will let the computer at pick the winners. There will be several opportunities throughout the summer to win a copy so if you miss out this time, keep trying. Feel free to enter the drawing, even if you already have a copy of the book. (And, you are welcome to comment more than once. However, your name will only be entered once.) Win one for a friend or for your local library. Most of all have fun! (For more information on Rose Wilder Lane’s San Francisco visit
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73 comments on “Summer Giveaway #4
  1. Amy says:

    C – Corncob dolls

  2. Rosie says:

    D – Delaine

  3. Lizzie says:

    A Apples
    B Bees
    C Corncob Dolls
    D Doc Baker

  4. E Evening fiddle songs by the fire

  5. F Fire in the chimney!

  6. G – Gypsy King 🙂

  7. Rachel says:

    H – Holbrook (Caroline’s mother and step-father were Holbrooks)

  8. I – Ingalls, of course! Also, Almanzo’s ice blocks.

  9. K – Kerosene lantern

  10. L – Lunatic fringe

  11. Tracy says:

    M – “May bees don’t fly in September”

    (my all time favorite Ma line!)

  12. Kim says:

    N- Nellie

  13. Jeanine says:

    O – Osage Indians

  14. Elliemae says:

    O- Owen (as in Mr. Owen, the schoolteacher in THGY)

  15. Elliemae says:

    R- Rose

  16. Roberta from Germany says:

    S – sleigh ride

  17. Kristi says:

    Tinkham (The lady who has the first sociable that Laura and Mary POwer attended)

  18. Kim says:

    U- Uncle Tom 🙂

  19. Carrie L. says:

    W- Wilder, Winter & many more

  20. Kim says:

    W- Wilder (as in Almanzo 😉 )

  21. Jamie says:

    X – Xanthophyll (think spelling match)

  22. Laura says:

    Y – Youth’s Companion

  23. Jamie says:

    Z – Zenobia!

  24. Start it over again!

    A – Almanzo

  25. Laura says:

    C – Caroline Celestia

  26. Kim says:

    D- Dolly Varden

  27. Laura Ingalls Wilder says:

    E – Edmund “Cap” Garland

  28. Jamie says:

    F – Fiddle

  29. Amy says:

    G – Grasshoppers

  30. Roberta from Germany says:

    G – Gennie (aka Genevieve E. Masters aka Nellie Oleson… at least in part)

    [This game is so much fun! I’m already curious if somebody will find a second word beginning with the letter X. :o)]

  31. Sandra Hume says:

    I’m already in awe of Jamie for pulling out xanthophyll!

    H — Harthorns

  32. Kim says:

    I- Indians

  33. Rachel says:

    Jerusalem Crickets!

  34. Kim says:

    K- Knife in the Dark 😉

  35. Laura says:

    L – Laura

  36. Jamie says:

    M – Morgan horses

  37. Kim says:

    N- Netting (mosquito netting)

  38. O – Old Grimes is dead (the good old man)

    P – paper dolls

  39. Kim says:


  40. Jeanine says:


  41. Jamie says:

    S – Skip (and Barnum)

  42. Kim says:

    T- Train

  43. MaryEv says:

    U-Uncle George

  44. Kim says:

    W- West

  45. Roberta says:

    X – Xanthippus, the Spartan general

    Perhaps it’s a bit far-fetched: Xanthippus is mentioned in the “Supposed speech of Regulus” in the “Independent Fifth Reader”. In “The Long Winter” Mary repeats the “Speech” from memory.

    I have to admit that I had symptoms of an obsession with X-words during the last couple of days… *lol*

  46. Kim says:

    Y- Yarn

    I can’t remember what the last “Y” word was, and I can’t get it to show on here. Sorry if this is a repeat. 😛

  47. Sandra Hume says:

    Z – Zumbro Falls

  48. Erica says:

    Can it be done again?

    A- Attic play

  49. Sheila says:

    This is so cool!
    How about
    B – Brewster School

  50. Laura says:

    D – Delaine

  51. Jamie says:

    E – Examinations (as in Laura’s Teacher Examinations)

  52. Sheila says:

    F – Farm

  53. Kim says:

    G- Geese over Silver Lake

  54. Tracy says:

    H – Homestead Claim

  55. Sheila says:

    I – Itchy Red Flannel Long Underwear

  56. Kim says:

    K- kernels….

    I always smile when I read the part where Pa was planting corn and Grace keeps asking how many “corns” he was putting in each hole.

  57. Sheila says:

    L – Lazy, Lousy Lizy Jane

  58. Kim says:

    M- Marry in haste, repent at leisure.

  59. Bill Kelton says:

    Nellie Oleson. 🙂

    • Melanie Stringer says:

      Already used in the previous alphabet…do you have another “N” for us, Bill?

  60. Carolyn Tainter says:

    Opportunity: Mary had the opportunity to go to the blind college