Month: August 2009

Quote # 7

“It was nice, walking together. To take care of their shoes, they did not walk in the dusty wheel tracks. They walked on the harder strip in the middle where only horses’ hoofs had discouraged the grass.”

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Quote #6

“He let a last note quiver far, far away, until it dissolved in the moonlight. Everything was so beautiful that Laura wanted it to stay so forever.”

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Quote #5

Wow, you guys are serious contenders, here! ________________________________ “Every seam must be exactly right before Ma would let her make another, and often Laura worked several days on one short seam.”

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Quote #4

“Again there was silence, except for the crunch of their feet on the snow-covered path.”

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Quote #3

“Even in songs Ma did not approve of gambling, but her toe could not stop tapping while Pa played such tunes.”

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Call for Paper Proposals: LauraPalooza 2010: Legacies

Now forming: The Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association, which is the official organization sponsoring the LP 2010 conference. As we work out the legal details of membership and charters, we’ll continue to update all of you. Meanwhile, we

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Quote #2:

So far, everyone who’s posted (I can see them in the moderation cue) is correct! This is going to be a tight contest, I can tell. I can also tell that I have to make these quotes a little harder.

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Happy Anniversary!

Today we celebrate the 124th wedding anniversary of Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder. In honor of the day, let’s share what we love best about the romance or relationship between the two (this can be either during their courtship or

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Quote Contest: Rules and First Quote

OK, to make this fair, we’re holding all comments on each of these quotes in moderation for a full 72 hours. This means no copying-and-pasting! Once those comments are posted, the entries for that quote are closed. We will post

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New Contest Starts on Monday!

Sharpen your pencils, get out your books, and get ready for a new contest here at Beyond Little House. Starting Monday, we’ll be posting a different quote every day from the original eight Little House books. Your task, should you

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