Whatever Happened to Mary Power?

This question has been a common one over the decades, with not much of an answer available until recent years. Gina Terrana, who has researched the life of Mary Power and published articles on her in the Laura Ingalls Wilder Lore and in The Homesteader, is now offering a print-it-yourself pamphlet including pictures and detailed information on Mary Power’s life  in exchange for a donation to your local food bank. Visit Gina’s site for more information and to request the pamphlet. Thanks, Gina!

(On a side note, do you ever wonder what impact you may have in the future, regardless of how insignificant your life may seem today? I was just thinking about Mary Power, who was just an average person leading an average life, who just happened to be friends with someone who would make her known and beloved to millions of readers worldwide after her death… and 80 years later, is still impacting the world as people feed the hungry in order to obtain information about her…  now that’s something to marvel at! Don’t you think she’d be pleased (not to mention astonished!)?)

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One comment on “Whatever Happened to Mary Power?
  1. Roberta says:

    This sounds quite interesting. I read Gina’s article on Mary Power in “Best of the Lore” and it was (and still is) very informative.
    Does anybody know if the now offered print-it-yourself pamphlet is much different from the article in the “Lore”? The sample sounded rather similar.
    But perhaps I just should find it out by myself. After all it’s a good chance to donate something for charity.