New Photo Group, and A New Contributor, Too!

Wendy McClure here, your newest contributor at Beyond Little House! I’m a writer from Chicago currently finishing a book about my year revisiting the world of Laura Ingalls Wilder. When I’m not agonizing over my rough draft (I know the plural of “Ingalls” is “Ingallses,” but I keep forgetting to type it that way) I’ll be posting here periodically about my own fields of Laura obsession, which include stories about the making of the Little House books (I’m a children’s book editor) and Laura in pop culture.

The house from the barnI’m also here to introduce the Beyond Little House group at Flickr.  There’s a photo group for the Little House TV show on Flickr and even a group about little houses, but until now, there hasn’t been a group for photos of the homesites, festivals and other Little House- and Laura-related stuff. And there’s a LOT of those to be found.

I’ve added some of my photos from my homesite trips this summer, and I’ve been searching Flickr for other photos and inviting folks to put them in the group. Some images are of places you may have seen before—like the dugout and Almanzo’s home—and some are a bit more unusual, like Pa’s homestead permit, a modern-art piece based on an Ingalls family photo, and a self-portrait of a Little House fan geeking out. And that’s just for starters.

If you’re already on Flickr, you can simply join the group and add your photos, and if you have Little House photos that you’d like to share, consider becoming a Flickr member! (It’s free, unless you want a “pro” account.)  We’d also love to be able to use some of these images here on Beyond Little House, so if you’d like your pictures to be considered, just drop us a line on this discussion page to give permission (we won’t use your photos unless you say it’s OK).  And keep visiting the group to see what kind of new photos show up…

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3 comments on “New Photo Group, and A New Contributor, Too!
  1. Laura Whitaker says:

    How awesome, love the photos. In the nerd photo, which Madame Alexander doll is that? And is that a LHOTHP game????? So much to learn and look for.

  2. Yes, that’s a Little House on the Prairie game, from the mid-70s when the tv show was so popular. That pic is mine…

    The nerd photo isn’t mine but I can answer the question as I also have that doll. The tag reads: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Style number 14110, Introduced 1998. Part of the Treasured Friends Collection.

  3. Laura Whitaker says:

    Thanks so much now the search is on for that doll.