Month: January 2010

Mansfield Announces New Documentary

Rocky Ridge Review announces a new Laura Ingalls Wilder documentary.

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Kitty Latane Resigns from Pepin Newsletter

Kitty Latane, long time editor of “Notes from Pepin” resigns from her post.

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The Long Winter, Chapter 5: After the Storm

After that first blizzard, the cattle are frozen, and Pa releases the little bird.

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The Haders' Little House

A description of the tie between Elmer and Berta Hader and Rose and Laura.

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The Long Winter, Chapter 4: October Blizzard

That’s right, an OCTOBER BLIZZARD. But don’t worry, there are beans and tea.

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Blizzard Warnings in Minnesota–Again

Right now, I feel a good deal like Florence Garland did in 1880: “Miss Garland was thinking and biting her lip. She could not decide to dismiss school because of a storm, but this storm frightened her. “‘I ought to

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The T-shirts Are IN

…And they look FABULOUS. Check it out: There’s still plenty of time to order yours! (That’s my untidy office bookshelf in the background.)

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The Long Winter, Chapter 3: The Fall of the Year

This chapter is also known as “The One With The Green Pumpkin Pie.” Frost, schmost! Ma knows what to do!

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Republished: Henry Ford’s Own Story by Rose Wilder Lane

Most of Rose’s books came out before the magic year where copyrighted books currently pass into public domain. Several publishing companies have taken to reprinting these books. They don’t have to pay anything for the text, so except for the

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Happy Laura Ingalls Wilder Day!

It’s Laura Ingalls Wilder Day in Wisconsin!

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