BLH Contributor in FamilyFun Magazine: "Little Trip on the Prairie" (June/July 2010)

Do you subscribe to FamilyFun magazine? If so, turn to page 47 in the current issue, which is June/July 2010. I wrote a “Family Getaways” story about visiting the Little House sites in Pepin, Wanut Grove, and De Smet. Lots of photos of the sites–including one of me and my son wading in Plum Creek!

Update in November 2010: Here’s the online version of the story.

Update in 2016: FamilyFun has removed the story from the Internet. Click here for a scanned PDF.

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7 comments on “BLH Contributor in FamilyFun Magazine: "Little Trip on the Prairie" (June/July 2010)
  1. Kerry says:

    I saw it–great article! I printed it out and put it in our “future vacation” file for when our kids are a bit older. Can’t wait!

  2. Sarah says:

    I saw the article, too. It was wonderful! We actually are planning to go to Walnut Grove this summer, but now I am wondering if we should include Wisc. and S.D., too. How long did your entire trip take? And how much time do you think one should plan on staying in each city? Thanks!

  3. Sandra Hume says:

    It was a while ago, so let’s see. The whole trip lasted about four days, which was kind of fast to do all the sites, but we wanted to see both pageants. We started in Pepin on Thursday, got to Walnut Grove on Friday, then De Smet on Saturday. I would definitely recommend saving most of your time for De Smet — there is so much to see there. Hmm, maybe we could open this up to the audience as a blog post. I have my opinions, but others likely have their own as well.

  4. Laura Welser says:

    My husband and I went to Pepin, Minneapolis (for the musical), De Smet, and Walnut Grove all in a marathon Laura long weekend. It was past pageant time of year so we didn’t do that though. I have a post here on Beyond Little House about our weekend.
    By the way, I enjoyed the article too, Sandra!

  5. Amy says:

    I saw your article in Family Fun! My 8 year daughter has read all the books and loves the story of Laura and her life!
    This trip sounds so fun! Wanted to know did you just drive back to pepin or fly out of South Dakota once you were done?
    How many days would you suggest going?
    I’ll have to check out all the pageant info!
    We saw the musical when it came through Dallas and it was so good!!!

  6. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the travel suggestions! Since we live in the Twin Cities, we actually took a day-trip to Pepin this weekend … Forgot to wade in Lake Pepin, but we’ll just add that to our plans when we go back for Laura Days in Sept. =) And we also just made our plans to travel west to Walnut Grove and De Smet in July for a pageant weekend. My daughters are SO excited!

  7. Kristy says:

    The link to article doesn’t work anymore. Do you have a copy of it?

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