Month: September 2010

Wading in Plum Creek Video

As promised a video about wading in Plum Creek.

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Mythbuster: Laura's Sister Was NOT Captured by Indians

The difference between Mary Ingalls… and Mary Ingles.

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Little House Surprises

Two weekends ago (and yes, I’m late in posting, sorry), I went camping at Beaver Creek Valley State Park in the southeastern corner of Minnesota, just north of the Iowa border. The plan? To tour the Niagara Cave in Harmony,

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Pa's Church Bell Video

Here’s a quick little video from footage I didn’t use for the Laurapalooza videos. I hope you enjoy it! Pa’s Church Bell Sarah S. Uthoff blogs at TrundleBed Tales; look for her on Twitter and YouTube.

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Little House Toys

Have you created any Little House toys? Tell us about them!

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Hoover Library is a Twitter

Please come tweet on Labor Day 2010.

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Beyond Little House's Amy and Sarah on Iowa Public Radio

Listen to Beyond Little House’s Amy Lauters and Sarah S. Uthoff speaking about Laura on Iowa Public Radio.

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