Clove Apples, Little-House Style

Have you ever made yourself a clove apple, Little-House style? Julie over at Crafting a Green World shows us how. Mmm, does that smell good.

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3 comments on “Clove Apples, Little-House Style
  1. Judy Green says:

    Yes! I made one years ago as a prop for my programming, and it is still intact and still fragrant. Coves are expensive in this day and age , however.

  2. Connie says:

    This is one of my favorite things to do at Christmas-time. Easy with kids and makes everything smell spicy-delicious.

  3. Sarah Uthoff says:

    If you really want them to last, you want the cloves a little closer than they show in the photos. However, they are right you don’t want them touching because the apple shrinks as it dries. I do this with oranges also and I usually use the tines of a metal fork to poke the holes. You can do it without, but it’s A LOT more doable pre-poking the holes.

    Sarah S. Uthoff