Craft yourself a merry Little House Christmas

From Aunt Eliza’s clove apple in Little House in the Big Woods to the embroidered picture frame Laura stitches in The Long Winter, the Little House books have always made Christmas crafting sound so appealing.

But since I’m a lousy knitter and clumsy with instructions, I know better than to attempt my own craft projects, so instead I admire other people’s handiwork from afar. Which is how I found myself swooning over Mimi’s Laura-inspired crafts at her blog The Happy Honeybee. Last week she posted photos of her gorgeous contributions to a Little House craft swap, the same one that several BLH readers are participating in this year. I don’t know which project I love more—the felt stockings, or the little tag ornaments made with bits of Garth Williams art.

I’m also a big fan of these collage postcards that she makes using snippets of art and text from the books (and not just because it’s one of the few projects I could pull off). Yet more Little House crafts can be seen in this post. Thanks so much for the inspiration, Mimi!

If you’re looking to make some unique Little House ornaments, Nancy Cleaveland over at has been making paper-craft decorations using pages from old Little House books. Quite a few are posted on her blog right now, including this one.

And if you’re just not a hands-on kind of person, you can always drop by and type “Little House on the Prairie” into the search engine. I’m tempted to get this pendant for myself!

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One comment on “Craft yourself a merry Little House Christmas
  1. Laura Welser says:

    I participated in this swap. I am not a crafter, but really put my heart into sending items representing Christmas in the Little House books. My partner is in Finland and it cost waaaay more than I thought it would to ship there but you know, going into it, that you may get an international partner.
    I’ve been anxiously awaiting her rating (you get rated for each swap you participate in). I was worried that it just wouldn’t mean the same to her, but I was wrong. She wrote such a nice note with her comment and she really loved my stocking full of gifts! 🙂