Family Tree Hunt Ends in Walnut Grove and De Smet

A local Minnesota television station noticed that genealogy was a big movement in this country. They had one of their reports follow his family tree. Much to his surprise he found a connection to Laura and that led him to interview Nicole Elzenga of Walnut Grove and Ann Lesch of the Ingalls Homestead in De Smet.

For the behind the scenes story, that reporter has since put together a blog post which includes the fact that his parents took him to Walnut Grove as a kid at his request and now he didn’t remember a thing about it. Included is a copy of the photo that reminded him, in front of a covered wagon I’m sure we all recognized.

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2 comments on “Family Tree Hunt Ends in Walnut Grove and De Smet
  1. Sandra Hume says:

    I LOVE this story. Love. Thanks for posting it, Sarah! So he’s a real newscaster?