Month: February 2011

Laura (and Bill Kurtis) in the News

A few in-the-news mentions of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her fans

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Great Reviews Pouring in for The Wilder Life

Great reviews for Wendy McClure’s upcoming “The Wilder Life”

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"Little House" for Grownups?

Does the oft-used term “Little House for grownups” bother you?

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"Wilder Weather" from Barb Boustead

Meteorologist Barb Boustead shares her upcoming plans on her Little House weather blog, “Wilder Weather”

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Sunbonnets and Mojitos? Little House Cruise in November 2011

The cast of Little House will set sail from California on a week-long cruise in November 2011

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Applicants to Beyond Little House: Keep Checking Your Email

Applicants for Beyond Little House volunteering should hear from us within the next few days

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Red Peppers in the Attic

Little House in the Big Woods was about guns and bears and sugar snow … but it was also about FOOD.

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Happy Birthday, Laura!

Happy 144th Birthday, Laura Ingalls Wilder! And how are you celebrating?

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The Long Winter — 2011 Style

What’s the weather like in your corner of the Groundhog Day 2011 snowstorm?

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A Little House Writing Lesson

Miss Beadle knows a thing or two about good writing.

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