Laura Season Opens

I just did a quick call around to see when the Laura museums open for the year. This is subject to change in other years, but I thought might give everyone a good idea when they are open. If you are going when the museum is closed, call ahead sometimes something can be arranged. Find contact information under Go Beyond in the header of this site.

Pepin, Wisconsin – May 15th

Independence, Kansas  – April 1st

Walnut Grove, Minnesota – April 1st

Burr Oak, Iowa – April 1st

Spring Valley, Minnesota – June 1st

De Smet, South Dakota – Remains open all year for limited hours but extends hours and opens Sat. starting May 2nd and is open 7 days a week starting June 1st.

Ingalls Homestead  in De Smet, South Dakota – May 28th

Mansfield, Missouri – March 1st

Malone/ Burke, New York  – May 28th

Keystone – June 1st

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2 comments on “Laura Season Opens
  1. Amanda Morris says:

    At the end of May, my best friend and I are headed to Pepin, Walnut Grove and De Smet! It’s my first time to all three. (On a previous trip we did Mansfield and Independence.) I’m so glad everything will be up and running!

  2. WiggieWee says:

    Oh my, this web site is a dream. I am the worlds biggest fan of Laura Ingalls and my sister Marg is the worlds biggest Nellie Olsen fan. Sometimes we even dress up in character and she pulls my pig tails. It is so much fun. My friend Rose sometimes joins us, but her character is purely fictional as Laura didn’t have a girlfriend like I have Rose (wink).
    Anyhow keep up the great work!