If you joined after May 1st or have been in communication with me after May 1st ignore this, but everyone else should have received their welcome letter and membership card by now. If you haven’t (and remember some of you joined way back in July 2009 so double check if you don’t remember), please contact me at

There have been a couple of people unsure whether they had joined or not and I want everyone to get a chance to be charter members if they want to be. If you have not joined and want to be a charter member you can still join before the end of May.

Our memberships run from July 1st to July 1st. You can join for next year anytime after June 1st.

One last thing, please head over to the Beyond Little House Facebook page and, if you haven’t yet, answer the question “Are you a charter member in LIWLRA?” Show off your membership to all your friends.

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2 comments on “ATTENTION LIWRA Members!
  1. Patty Collins says:

    I am happy to be among all of you, my fellow Laura fans. Just out of curiosity, how many members does the society have?
    Even though, I was unable to attend LauraPalooza 2010 as my job as a children’s librarian does not allow time off in the summer, I feel that I was there in spirit. Keeping up with all of you through this page and through Facebook and Twitter, makes me feel as though I know many of you well. I am happy to call you my friends.
    Thank you!
    Pittypat from Kansas
    “Remember Laura, Visit the Little House”

    • Sarah Uthoff says:

      Right now we have several members in the process of paying for the membership. I’ll get a correct number soon.
      Sarah S. Uthoff