Laurapalooza 2012 Is July 12-14–We Want Your Input

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association board is in the early planning stages for next year’s Laurapalooza. Mark your calendars now for July 12-14, 2012.

One of our projects at present is working out special benefits for members at the conference. So far we have decided that people who have renewed their July 1, 2011 to July 1, 2012 membership before the end of the calendar year will have 2 weeks of early bird registration before it is opened up to non-members. We also have a couple of ideas for recognizing members at the conference.

In addition, we’d like to have to have some kind of member event at the conference itself. That’s where you come in. We want to offer the type of event that is most appealing to the membership. So please provide feedback. You can either leave a comment here or vote on the Beyond Little House Facebook page. I’ve left the feature on the Facebook poll so you can add to the voting list if you have another idea.

What I’d like for a member event:

  • A Wednesday afternoon/evening reception as people are arriving just for members and speakers who have arrived?
  • A members- and speakers-only lunch one day of the conference?
  • A members- and speakers-only supper one day of the conference?
  • A members- and speakers-only late evening reception after evening event?
  • Block of reserved seating for members during conference sessions?
  • Block of reserved seating for members during an evening event?
  • Get to know each other breakfast with sections labeled by interests (Use in schools, TV show, Child Lit, etc.)
  • Other ideas?

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7 comments on “Laurapalooza 2012 Is July 12-14–We Want Your Input
  1. LauriOH says:

    I like the idea of a Wednesday event or a late evening event. One concern about a block of seating – there was a couple sessions I snuck out of to avoid lines between the sessions if you know what I mean. If a block of seats was reserved, wouldn’t it be in the front which would make it more difficult? I know most of the time I will sit there, but to give people choice and then there’s no reason not to allow non-members there.
    Or if there’s another trip to Walnut Grove, maybe something special there. A reserved section at dinner with the speakers who come?

  2. Eddie says:

    I generally like any idea of social events etc 🙂 The Wednesday afternoon option sounds good to me, because once the conference starts, I’ll be hoping to socialise with as many people as possible, whether they’re in the association or not. I also like the sound of a breakfast (I always like the sound of breakfast).

    Given that the purpose of the organisation is to provide a forum for research, I was wondering if there’s scope for including something with that theme. Obviously there are many, many experienced researchers in the association, and the rest of us got the benefit of hearing some of the results of that at the last conference. It would be great to hear a little more about the methods which have gone into that research, maybe an overview of some of the resources which are available where, for people who are just getting started on their research. I don’t know whether that could perhaps be done via a short panel discussion from some epxerienced researchers?

    Plus also perhaps the event could provide an opportunity for finding out who is doing what, or planning what, in the same area – eg sign-up posters for “I’m working on or would like to work on research into…” various themes, like say, the genealogical side, the clothing, the relationship between Laura and Rose, or whatever. I’m sure others could think of much better grouping categories. Maybe that could potentially lead to some collaboration opportunities?

    These are pretty incoherent thoughts, I’m afraid, but maybe someone, more knowledgeable about research than I, could make sense of them!

  3. LaurieA-B says:

    Just wanted to share that the next Betsy-Tacy Convention is the week following:
    I look forward to hearing about both events.

  4. Judy Green says:

    I usually like to sit near the front of any program because if a hearing deficiency. If forced to sit in the back , I might have real trouble hearing.

    • Carrie says:

      That’s a good point, Judy. The same trouble will apply to those with poor eyesight. At LP last year, I was seated about halfway back and had trouble with the distance, despite wearing glasses.

  5. TLynn says:

    Any(/all) of the social events sound fun. I would suggest that it not be either first thing or last thing, in case some have to come late or leave early.

    I agree with Eddie regarding the sharing of information.
    I’d like to know if anyone else is working on specific subjects, or planned to.
    In addition to subject-specific ideas, I’d also like to know more general information, such as where to obtain permissions for use of photos or things like that. These things can be found out on one’s own, of course, but sharing info makes things so much easier…and creates a network for those sharing as well.

  6. I second EVERYTHING Eddie and TLynn say! And, LauriOH, that’s a great idea about having a special event in Walnut Grove.

    Collaboration with other researchers, or simply the opportunity to share the how-to and where-to of LIW/AJW/RWL research would benefit all of us…
    Perhaps those of us looking to collaborate, or those interested in specific areas of research, should start signing up on interest lists now? This might be a method of coordinating one session of the conference when people break into groups. I’m thinking that interested, standing members who are already at work on a particular topic could start particular groups ahead of time and prepare a panel, then other existing members or new attendees could sign up to attend that particular group session. Eddie’s topic ideas are a great start. For the attendees who are more interested in non-research areas, we could have other groups running simultaneously…literary analysis, classroom lessons, homeschool use, television and other media representations…