Laurapalooza Merchandise Input

In our continuing work on Laurapalooza 2012, we are looking at what we are going to sell for the conference. Profit from all sales goes into supporting the conference and hopefully eventually into other projects that will support Laura fandom. We still have a supply of the Laurapalooza 2010 merchandise available  if you want to see what we’re currently selling. Remember LIWLRA members get a 10 percent discount.

What would you like to buy with the Laurapalooza 2012 design? Leave a comment here or answer our poll on the Beyond Little House Facebook page. The following list are just some suggestions we’ve talked about or found listed as hot sellers on personalized products websites. I’ve left on the add an answer option on the Facebook poll so feel free to add.

  • Gender neutral colored T-shirt
  • Polo style shirt
  • Tote
  • Coffee mug
  • Travel Mug
  • Water Bottle
  • Tin Cup
  • Baseball/Farmers Cap
  • Hooked letter opener
  • Christmas ornament
  • Apron
  • Postcards
  • Nifty badge holder with handy zipped compartment for keys etc.
  • Custom Memory Stick
  • Post-It Notes/Memo pads
  • Notebook with cover
  • Draw string bag that converts into backpack
  • Java Sleeve
  • Pens
  • Locker mirror
  • Teddy Bear wearing a Laurapalooza shirt
  • Bumper sticker
  • Other?

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10 comments on “Laurapalooza Merchandise Input
  1. Laura Welser says:

    I am such a sucker for these kinds of things. I would get one of everything that was offered, I’m sure. 🙂

  2. I’d REALLY love to see T-shirts with more snug “girl” fit. I don’t wear too many plain (boxy) T-shirts, but I live in girl-cut (snug) ones!

  3. LauriOH says:

    I’m the opposite of Barb – I’d rather have the boxy t-shirt, but I probably buy most of what is available.

  4. Carrie says:

    I’d love to purchase a Laurapalooza themed polar-fleece jacket, a singlet style top and a pencil case. I’d also buy a coffee mug, baseball cap and pens.

    Oh boy, I’m such a Laura tourist….!

  5. TLynn says:

    These are the ones I’d be interested in, listed in order of interest:

    Christmas ornament
    Post-It Notes/Memo pads
    Gender neutral colored T-shirt / Polo style shirt: either one, depending
    Hooked letter opener
    Water Bottle: depends on type – not if it’s plastic
    Notebook with cover
    Baseball/Farmers Cap
    Tin Cup
    Draw string bag that converts into backpack
    Custom Memory Stick

    Of course it depends on the final style of each item, as well as the price. My pocketbook doesn’t usually match my desire!

  6. Kim Carroll says:

    I’d want one of everything, but I’d especially love a coffee mug. 🙂

  7. Kat Erickson says:

    Where will Laurapalooza be held? I need to start dreaming and planning now.

    I would certainly purchase:
    Nifty badge holder with handy zipped compartment for keys etc.
    Coffee mug
    Polo style shirt
    Draw string bag that converts into backpack

    But please, let me know where it will be held!

    Thank you,

    • Sarah Uthoff says:

      The 2012 Laurapalooza will be held where the 2010 conference was on the University of Minnesota-Mankato campus in Mankato, Minnesota. Mankato is located along the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway (otherwise known as Highway 14) and is the setting of the Maude Hart Lovelace Betsy-Tacy books. The list of Laurapalooza videos you can link to from the homepage has videos that should give you a good feel for what attending the conference is like.

  8. I loved the Laura’s Farmer Boy tee, and four times in my travels someone has stopped me and asked about it! It has become a staple of my road trips and always offers an opportunity to spread the word about LIWLRA and BLH. Not being as comfortable wearing ultra-feminine colors, I chose it for the lovely forest green hue ;). I do hope we will have another tomboyish color offering in 2012…but I would also buy a more fitted tee as long as the style comes in several sizes (I’ve noticed that sometimes “girl” tees are available in just one super-tiny size which most of us women can’t reasonably squeeze into, but…American Apparel offers several fitted ladies’ sizes, US-made, in high-quality cotton with a wide range of colors!)

    I’m a huge fan of anything practical…pens, notebooks, 3-ring binders, memory sticks, and any vessel in which coffee may be transported and kept hot…

    That being said, can we please please please also have a bumper sticker? I’m thinking something with the LIWLRA logo that says:
    “Because there’s a little Laura in all of us…”

  9. Lynn Urban says:

    I would be interested in sticky notes and Christmas ornaments and maybe mugs.