Day One of Laurapalooza

This week we are at the halfway point. It’s been a year since we were gathered together at the first large scale continuing conference on Laura Ingalls Wilder and in one year hopefully we’ll be getting ready to greet you all in Mankato, Minnesota. Mark your calendars now for July 12-14, 2012. The Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association board decided that we’d take this week and look back at what was going on last year. Hopefully you will chime in with your memories and anything you’d like to see happen at Laurapalooza 2012.

Beyond Little House was set up with the idea of promoting the conference, but we weren’t sure what to put up during the actual conference. I had already decided to give my Flip camera a workout by filming highlights and they proved very popular as way to share the conference with people who couldn’t be there and for people attending the conference to help organize their thoughts about the day. This week we are going to reshare those videos with you. Unfortunately there are some issues with sound, for which we apologize, but efforts to improve it with the equipment then at hand were not successful. I hope you will enjoy them anyway. You’ll probably want to adjust the volume on your computer all the way up for some sections.

Also as part of the buildup to the conference I posted a series called And One More on the Way which were places which mostly didn’t have a direct connection to Laura, but were tourist spots that you might want to add on your trip. I heard from several people who did exactly that. I hope to repeat that next year as part of the build up of the conference and while I have some already on my list I would welcome your ideas on what I might want to include.

The link to the post will include a link to the video on YouTube, a short summary of what is included on that day’s video and links to websites of things, people or places mentioned in the video. The first video covers my trip to Mankato with stops at two Laura homesite towns on the way.

Laurapalooza Trip Day 1

This first day of traveling to LauraPalooza includes Decorah and Burr Oak, Iowa; Spring Valley, Minnesota; and former longtime Burr Oak director Ferneva Brimacomb.

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