Day Three of Laurapalooza 2010

Today we look back on the first full day of the conference. Once the conference actually started it was so busy that each day took multiple videos. I was kept very busy running back to my car to download the camera since it only held 30 minutes. My new HD camera with an external mic holds two hours, so hopefully if I do it again, it will be better on all counts.

Day Three of Laurapalooza Part 1

Part 1 of the first full day of the conference includes, in order, a look at registration; words from Amy Lauters and Sandra Hume;  samplings of presentations by Kelly Ferguson and Ann Weller Dahl;  museum staff greetings from Burr Oak (Steve Luse), Walnut Grove (Nicole Higgins Elzenga) and Pepin (Suzanne Ebersold); more presentation sampling by Michelle McCellan; LauraPalooza designer Kristina Sukalski; and a bit on Dale Cockerell’s presentation.

Day Three of Laurapalooza Part 2

Part 2 of today’s video features author/illustrator Cheryl Harness; snippets from presentations/speeches by John E. Miller, Jenna Hunnef, and Jim Hicks; the Harvey Dunn Plein Aire Event; and the Manchester Tornado.

Day Three of Laurapalooza Part 3

Pepin contingent with Kitty Latane, Barbara Mays Boustead, Lynn Urban, Homesite Panel, Author Panel, and Dale Cockerell.

Day Three of Laurapalooza Part 4

Connie Neumann at Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association Booth, Sue Duggan, Author Reception with Nancy Cleaveland and Penny Linsenmayer.

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