Go Beyond By Reading Books

When we were originally working on this site, we talked a lot about what it should be like. Some of those things were created from the beginning. Others didn’t come together right away as we worked on other plans. Originally we hoped to play off the name of the site by creating a series of pages that allowed you to Go Beyond just reading the Little House books by doing other things. Right now that drop down menu is where information on the homesite towns is kept, but hopefully we’ll be able to continue to slowly add other ways you can Go Beyond.

Today’s entry, freshly published, we Go Beyond By Reading Books. This is a list of books to get you started on learning more about Laura. It features books: By Laura, About Laura, By Rose, and About Rose. This is by no means a comprehensive list and won’t hold any surprises for a serious long term fan, but if you’ve just read the Little House books and are ready to explore some more, here’s how to get started.

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