Laura Ingalls Wilder: Growing Up on the Prairie

I always keep an eye out for any Laura-related event going on close to home. Not that there’s a lot going on in my part of Michigan far away from any Little House homesite. However, I did hit the jackpot last year with the Laura’s Enduring Tale: Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of “Little House on the Prairie” exhibit that took place at University of Michigan-Dearborn. I went twice. 🙂

A few months ago, a google search lead me to find out about ArtsPower National Touring Theatre’s production of “Laura Ingalls Wilder: Growing Up on the Prairie” that would be stopping at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts on October 22. Happily this is local, being only about a 30 minute drive from my home. It is only 55 minutes long and aimed at grades 2 – 6 (it would make a great field trip). The fact that it is aimed at a (much) younger audience did not deter me from wanting to go see it. I bought two tickets hoping that I could convince either my husband or daughter to go with me. I think I may have been successful in bribing convincing my daughter to enjoy it with me.

I will report back!

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4 comments on “Laura Ingalls Wilder: Growing Up on the Prairie
  1. Laura says:

    So does anyone have the schedule for where else they will stop?

    • Laura Welser says:

      Laura, I emailed ArtsPower to see about getting a tour schedule, but never received a reply. According to the actors (during a Q & A after the musical), they were touring mostly in the east, south/southeast, and midwest.

  2. So, how was it, Laura? I wasn’t able to attend the production in New Hampshire a few weeks ago, but was curious to see what it was like!

    The Arts Power production came very near my town on October 7 in The Dana Center for Performing Arts at St. Anselm College. Unfortunately, the production was on a Friday, presented in two matinee sessions, and I couldn’t take the day off. I gather it is rather short? The schedule I found said the performances were at 9:30 and 11:30am.

    Also, the information for this performance was called a “Middle School Matinee” so I wonder if there are different versions of it for different age groups? The description in the advertisements sounded very similar to LHOP: The Musical. Was it very much like the musical, or did it more closely follow the books?

    • Laura Welser says:

      Melanie, I just posted a short follow-up. The trip to go see this was worth it to me. I think it would appeal to upper elementary/middle school age, but there were children and adults of all ages there and I think we all enjoyed it in our own ways. 🙂