Christmas Event at Rocky Ridge

Earlier when I did a post about the closing dates of all the homesites, I asked a follow up question about whether they’d be having a Christmas event. Mansfield thought they might have one, but weren’t sure yet at that time, but it looks like things have firmed up the Mansfield Chamber of Commerce reports:
“Christmas Events will be December 3. Events will include Breakfast with Santa from 8 am to 10 am at Mansfield Community Center. Christmas Open House at Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Other events will be going on that day as well.The grand finale will be the parade at 5:30 pm. Watch the Mansfield Mirror and [their Facebook] page for more information.”

Laura Ingalls Wilder Home and Museum adds on their Facebook page:
“We are planning on a “Christmas Open House” in the near future. Refreshments and pictures inside Laura’s home next to the Christmas Tree will be events that will be taking place. Keep on checking for updates on the upcoming Open House with dates and times. We hope to see you all there!!!!!!”

I really wish I could go. A photo of me in front of the Christmas Tree at Rocky Ridge, WOW! However, after getting caught in a blizzard last December on a Laura trip, and considering the way the birds have been tanking up on birdfeed, I’m not even going to try this time. If anybody else does, please report back.

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3 comments on “Christmas Event at Rocky Ridge
  1. Laura Welser says:

    Oh…I so wish I could go!

  2. Dr Laura says:

    Hmmmm, it has possibilities.

  3. Julie Welch says:

    That would be the best of both worlds! Rocky Ridge Farm and Christmastime!! 🙂