Video from Pa's Fiddle PBS Taping in Nashville

If you weren’t lucky enough to make it to Nashville last weekend (like me), here’s a taste of what the audience saw.


And FYI to the director/commentator: It’s Charles Philip Ingalls, not Charles Paul. 🙂 [Edited to add: Thanks to Carole Nebhut, who informed us that he’s saying “Pa,” not “Paul.” How could I have mistaken that!?]

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8 comments on “Video from Pa's Fiddle PBS Taping in Nashville
  1. Carole Nebhut says:

    Actually, I think he says Charles “Pa” Ingalls, but it does sound like Paul. And he says Al-mahn-zo instead of Al-man-zo. Dean Butler could have set him straight on that!

    I was one of the lucky Laura fans who was there, along with my 2 adult sons and a good friend, and I echo everything Connie and Laura said earlier. The company at dinner before the show was great, the production aspects of the evening were fascinating, and the music was simply wonderful. I especially enjoyed hearing and watching the guys in Pa’s Fiddle Band. And then, on Saturday morning, I ran into Dean in the breakfast area of our hotel, and we had an interesting chat about the underground railroad activity in Malone during the Wilders’ years there. There is just no end of conversational topics when it comes to LIW!

    Many, many thanks to Dale and Dean for an evening I’ll always remember.

    Carole in PA, who drove 800 miles each way to get to Nashville!

  2. Sandra O'Brien says:

    Very impressive….can’t wait to see it on PBS(?) Maybe it could be shown at the next Laurapalooza. I especially look forward to hearing a little fiddle music with the singing. I’m hoping “Pa’s Fiddle Band” helps with that…

  3. Dr. Laura says:

    Thank you Dale and Dean for bringing this about and for your dedication to the works of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

  4. Tracy Sapp says:

    When is this special going to be on PBS? Too bad they couldn’t use Pa’s actual fiddle during the show. Are these recordings/songs on an album? I’ve always wondered what most of the songs in her books sounded like. It would be absolutely awesome to have a cd that featured the music from the Little House Books. Any info that anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sarah Uthoff says:

      The special will be released in June. I don’t know if there is a national date set for airing or not, but it couldn’t hurt to let your local PBS station know you’re interested in seeing it now, so they’ll be looking for it.

  5. Tracy Sapp says:

    This is for Carole Nebhut, please tell about the underground railroad activity in Malone NY during the years that the Wilders lived there. That sounds so interesting. Thanks

    • Carole Nebhut says:

      So sorry, Tracy, I only just now saw this post asking for more information about underground railroad activty in Malone, months after you wrote.

      When I was there in August 2005, our little group took a walking tour of the town, and we stopped at the Congregational Church that the Wilders attended. The pastor there gave a talk about the church’s history, which included its role as a last stop on the underground railroad before Canada. There is a tunnel in the earthen floor basement that I stood in the opening of (going through it would have involved crawling on my stomach, which I was not about to try; it was eerie enough just to climb down into the opening!), as well as a formerly hidden room that was now open. My son has CP and was using his wheelchair that day, but the pastor insisted on carrying him down the steep basement steps so that he could see the tunnel and the room with the rest of us; he felt very strongly that this was a piece of the area’s history that people should know about. Later, as we continued our walk through Malone, our guide pointed out a few houses in which similar evidence of underground railroad activity had been discovered during recent renovation projects.

      It was all so very, very interesting, and it led me to wonder whether the Wilders were involved, and if they were, would Almanzo have known about it? I suspect that as a prominent, prosperous man, Mr. Wilder (and maybe Royal) probably would have been involved, but that as the youngest child in the family at that time, Almanzo would likely have been shielded him from any knowlege of their involvement, for safety if nothing else. Just my speculations, but don’t we wish we could know for sure?

  6. Donna Shaw says:

    How fabulous! I am envious of my fellow Laura lovers who were able to attend the taping of this great endeavor! I know some of the songs from her books,but not all,so I have to repeat what Tracy said-anxious to hear what some of those songs sound like,