Wendy McClure The Wilder Life

I’ve gotten to go to two of Wendy’s book events now because she came to both Iowa City and West Branch, Iowa near my house. When she spoke at Prairie Lights bookstore, I made a video of my experience. I think it captures the feeling of what it’s like to attend one of her book readings.
Wendy McClure at Prairie Lights

The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library has included her entire speech from her visit complete with lots of photos.
Wendy McClure at Hoover Presidential Library

And while you are on the Hoover YouTube page, check out their Laura exhibit from the 1990s.
Laura Ingalls Wilder Exhibit

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5 comments on “Wendy McClure The Wilder Life
  1. Amanda says:

    I live in the Buffalo area and wish she would come this way! That book is soooo good! I am thinking of rereading it because I still think of certain things and laugh right out loud!

  2. Amanda, I would love to come to Buffalo! I had a great time doing the Buffalo News Book Club. (Plus if then I would only be about a day’s drive from the Farmer Boy house!)

    The paperback tour is in April, and my publisher can send me to places based on where bookstores and public libraries have asked me to come. So far the plan seems to be to send me to Austin, Portland and San Francisco, since I didn’t make it to Texas or the west coast for the hardcover tour. I haven’t heard about a specific request from from Buffalo yet, but if I get to go there I’ll let you know!

  3. Amanda says:

    That would be so great!!!!!!! Would it help if I started asking at the library and my local bookstore!?

  4. Amanda says:

    I was thinking that the best place for you to come would be the Genesee Country Village and Museum http://www.gcv.org. I don’t know if you have ever heard of it before, but they have Laura Ingalls Wilder every year the first weekend of August. They usually have a star from the Little House on the Prairie show and sometimes an author. I have seen William Anderson there and they also had the lady who wrote The Caroline Years. Anyway, that would be the perfect place to come with lots of Little House fans.

  5. Re: Asking bookstores and libraries—bookstore events are usually planned months in advance and have to happen within two months after the book publication, so I think time might be running out there. Public library systems sometimes have their own funding to bring in authors and speakers and they’re slightly less dependent on the publications schedule.

    I haven’t done one of the living history museums yet, but that might be a good opportunity for a summer event!

    And you can always come to LauraPalooza, you know. I plan on being there!