What You Need to Know About CAMP LAURA

Camp Laura is our special children’s event spanning the three days of the LauraPalooza conference (Thursday, July 12 through noon Saturday, July 14, 2012). The event will include hands-on activities as well as speakers on a variety of topics, all geared to help children both understand and experience pioneer life as Laura lived it. Registration is very limited, so if you want your child to go, we highly recommend registering as soon as possible. (Current LIWLRA members may register their children during pre-registration, which opens February 7.)

Who may attend?

  • Children who will be entering grades K-6 in the fall (or homeschooled children in that age range). Boys and girls are both welcome, and while prior exposure to Laura and her books is helpful, it is not required.
  • Camp Laura participants must be accompanied by an adult who is registered for LauraPalooza. (Updated for clarification: We mean that the adult must be on site, not that the adult must attend the camp with the child. The adult will be participating in the regular conference while the child is at camp in an adjacent room.) The adult does not have to be a parent, but may be any friend or relative who is willing to take responsibility for the child during the conference with the consent of the child’s parent/guardian.

What is included?
For a registration fee of $25, children may participate in all Camp Laura activities. All necessary materials are included. Snacks are included, but meals are not. Children will also participate in several age-appropriate sessions of the general conference with their responsible adult. The children’s registration fee does not include a ticket to the Alison Arngrim show because this show is inappropriate for children. However, separate entertainment will be provided for the children during this time at no additional cost so their responsible adult can attend Alison’s show. The children will have their own special time with Alison so will not miss out on the opportunity to meet her.

What about meals?
Programming will not be provided for children during mealtimes. Children will accompany their responsible adult to all meals. If the child is registered in the dorms, meals are provided within that cost.  There are no children’s plates offered by the caterers for the three conference luncheons, but you may purchase an adult plate for your child if you wish. Other options include:  packing your child’s lunch (they may still sit with you at the conference luncheons);  purchasing your child’s lunch in a to-go box at the dining hall (cost is $6.50 and there are plenty of kid-friendly foods to choose from) and bringing it back to the ballroom so you can still participate in the conference luncheons;  or taking your child off campus to eat.

Does my child need a Laura/Almanzo costume?
No. Modern casual attire is appropriate for Camp Laura. However, children are welcome to wear pioneer clothing if they wish.

What does my child need to bring?
Everything your child needs will be provided; however, if your child is a picky eater, you may wish to send along snacks or lunches. An extra change of clothing is always good to have on hand in case of spills, and your child should have a pair of comfortable shoes for running games. If your child needs any special equipment, medications, etc., don’t forget to bring them along. (Medication will not be administered by Camp Laura staff but you may come in and give your child any necessary medications.) If your child needs sunscreen for outdoor play, send it.

What supervision is provided?
Instruction and activities will be led by adults who have submitted proposals or who are invited speakers. College students will provide supervision and assistance to the children, as needed. You are welcome to check on your child at any time. In the event of an accident, illness, or behavior problem, you will be notified immediately and expected to take responsibility for any child you bring to the conference. Camp Laura activities will take place in a separate room near the adult conference, so your child will not be far away from you at any time. There are several events that children will attend with their responsible adults, including the ice cream social, authors’ reception, spelling bee, music concert, and quilting bee.  Children’s programming will be provided during all other Laurapalooza events so that you can attend the full conference without worrying about childcare.

Are children permitted to attend other adult sessions, as well?  May we pick and choose which sessions or activities our children participate in?
The activities at Camp Laura are more suitable for elementary-aged children, but children are permitted to register for the regular conference if you choose. However, children attending the adult conference must pay the adult fee.  Camp Laura children should not be participating in adult sessions other than those designated for them unless there are extenuating circumstances that are cleared by conference staff.

Are adults permitted to attend Camp Laura sessions with their child?
Adults may not participate in Camp Laura activities, but are welcome to observe their children or assist their children in participating in the activities whenever they wish. (i.e., if the children are making a craft, the adult may watch or may help their child make the craft, but will not be provided materials to make the craft themselves.) This applies only to adults who have a child participating in Camp Laura.

Please let us know if you have any other questions, and remember, space is limited so don’t delay in registering your child!


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