Button collecting anyone?

I do admit to having a button collection. I’m not an avid button collector by any means, but I do frequently make stops at antique stores and am always on the lookout for anything Little House or Laura-related. I have yet to find any buttons that look like juicy big blackberries or have little castles and trees carved on them. Someday though!

I’m sure the button collectors featured in this article on the St. Louis Today website have some interesting buttons. It inspired me to continue my search!

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4 comments on “Button collecting anyone?
  1. Laura says:

    I too have a jelly jar of buttons. Nothing special, but one day…..

  2. Jaime Brooks says:

    I do have a small collection, My grandma had a good one. I have never thought about getting antique buttons. I just save the extra ones from cloths, or from old clothes that have no use anymore and the buttons were nice looking

  3. Carrie (Oz) says:

    When I was little, I used to play with my Mom’s jelly jar of buttons. It was usually when I was really, really bored. I would empty the container onto the table, sort the buttons into like-type groups and move them around. As a grown up, I can’t understand why I did this, because it sounds like such a silly and unproductive thing to do. That said, I still have my Mom’s jar of buttons and wouldn’t part with it for anything in the world. They aren’t antique – just 1970’s era. I love them because they remind me of how “motherly” my Mom was.

  4. Connie in Colorado says:

    There is a button collecting group here called Lark But’ning (a play on our state bird the lark bunting!). They had a table display at a Club-a-Fair last weekend and are promoting their upcoming conference. The displays were fascinating, very art-sy and craft-sy!

    I also had children make button and bead strings for a craft at my Laura’s Birthday Party earlier this month at the public library. Kids love buttons!