My Favorite Things – Part 4

I’ve been running in Laura circles on the internet for a good number of years now, and have met and traveled with people all over the world who love Laura as much as I do.  Therefore, the thought of being in a room with scores of other people who loved Laura didn’t send me soaring the way it did for many, especially those who had lived most of their existence being the only one they knew who loved Laura with the passion that most readers of this blog have.

In spite of that, my favorite thing about the first Laurapalooza occurred the very first morning… during opening session… as I sat listening to Amy speak of this and that and the other thing. A couple of rows ahead of me sat a girl I did not know, a girl whose head bobbed vigorously at every mention of familiar Laura references, a girl whose enthusiasm was so palpable that it touched the inner recesses of my Laura-soul and brought me great delight.

This, I thought… this is what Laurapalooza is all about. That kinship over beloved characters, places, quotations, and more that only the truest of Laura devotees understands and shares.

That was my favorite part of Laurapalooza.


(I will now sit back and smile at all the conference attendees who are trying to figure out the identity of that ebullient fan…)

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