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4 responses to “And One More on the Way: Lincoln Highway”

  1. Betsy

    Highway 30 has always been in my life, too. I live in Kearney Nebraska, and we had one of the first seedling miles as well. I love researching our state and local history so I take the knowledge of this for granted and am always surprised when I come across someone who has no idea about the Lincoln Highway or our seedling mile.


  2. John Mazzello, Iowa Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Coordinator

    What a great and informative post! I invite you and your readers to also check out the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway (Iowa’s historic byway reflecting the route of the Lincoln Highway) on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/LincolnHighwayHeritageByway.

    We share a variety of new and historic photos, events along the byway, and interesting stories about the Lincoln Highway several times a week. We also encourage anyone who lives, works, or travel on the Lincoln Highway to share their stories!

  3. Melissa

    Very interesting! I cross Hwy 30/Lincoln Highway on the way to my parents’ house.

    1. Melissa

      I should have noted, in Ohio.

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