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6 responses to “And One More on the Way: Barn Quilts”

  1. Connie Neumann

    My local Quilt Guild has just started a Barn Quilt Drive this year in Colorado, using local businesses to ‘chip in’ for a small design poster in their window that directs people to view barn quilts in the area. I agree with Sarah that the counties near the Little House sites would serve as another good venue for Laura travelers, spying quilts on barns.

  2. Linda Halpin

    I am really enjoying the series of articles on what to see on my way to Mankato! Several counties in Wisconsin are doing barn quilts. I am having fun gathering quilts to share with everyone for my Friday presentation on what quiltmaking was like during Laura’s time. Seeing Barn Quilts will be a great way to get everyone in the mood!

  3. Connie Neumann

    On my way through Iowa today I spotted a barn quilt! It was on a barn just north of I-80 at Exit 54 on the road to Elk Horn (where there’s an 1848 Danish windmill and museum). Couldn’t get a photo though…..shucks!

  4. Julie Miller

    Yes! Glad so many people are interested in barn quilts. There are several here in Iowa. On my trip up to Mankato, I saw two different barn quilts along I-35 (somewhere between Ames and Mason City, both on the east side of the interstate). Couldn’t get a photo, either! Also, the “latest fashion” :-) here in Iowa at least is putting “barn” quilts on other buildings or things, even in towns, like on garages and business buildings and sticking up on poles in gardens. Some are really big and some I’ve seen are only about 12 inches by 12 inches. I bought one for my sewing/quilting room that is only six inches by six inches and made of a painted wooden board. So if you like barn quilts and you don’t have a barn to put it on, just look for a business that sells them, have your local woodworker/artist make you one, or buy it through Living History Farms in Urbandale, Iowa like I did. If you have one made that will be outside, have the person make it using paint for the outdoors. If you want to design or “pick” your own quilt block to use, just look it up on the internet for examples. They also sell books in sewing/crafting stores that list various quilt block names with pictures of them (I own a book that has 5000+ quilt block designs!). The three quilt block patterns mentioned in the Little House books include Nine Patch, Bear’s Track, and Dove in the Window. So what kind of barn quilt would you like to own (or to see) and where are you thinking of putting it? I would like to know!

    I loved meeting all of you at LauraPalooza! It was the best time ever! So many good speakers and learned so many things. But meeting all the wonderful people was the best. I am definitely planning to come in 2015! If you couldn’t come this year, hopefully you can next time!

  5. Josh Hicks

    Mankato, Kansas now has a barn quilt just West of town on the South side of Highway 36! My blog website below shows a photo of it! http://joshhicksfreelancephotography.blogspot.com/2012/10/barn-quilt-of-north-central-kansas.html

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