Don't Panic

One of the reasons The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was so popular was the calming message Don’t Panic on the cover. That’s one of the top 10 pieces of advice I’ve gotten from literature. I think it may also be something to bear in mind during the conference.

First memberships, I got 52 envelopes of membership letters ready to be mailed first thing tomorrow. Except for one couple that I’ve been trying to get a hold of for about a month to clarify something and they haven’t responded, everyone who renewed or joined (paid) before July 1st should be going out in that batch. I’ll be doing another batch before I leave for the conference, but even if you don’t receive the card in time – Don’t Panic. We’ll have lists of both charter and current members there. Stop at the LIWLRA booth at the conference to get stickers for your badge for Current Members and Charter Members. However, if you still haven’t renewed and you’re planning on it, the sooner the better.

Some people have been worried because they are leaving very early for the conference and are afraid they won’t get something critical in our mailings. While we hope the information will be useful, anything crucial will be given out at the conference so – Don’t Panic. If you leave before they arrive, and they are in the mail en route as we speak, I am putting the same information below.


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I am changing the format a little bit of the schedule, but the information is the same as you will get in the mailed packet. It is possible it may still have to be adjusted on site.

Wednesday, July 11

4 PM – 7 PM Dorm check in

7 PM – ? Ice Cream Social at Sears Residence Hall  – Pioneer Clothing Encouraged!
End time is open ended until ice cream is gone and people have talked themselves out for the night, but probably to 9 PM at least.

Thursday, July 12

8 AM Amy Lauters

9 AM Literary Laura:

Elizabeth Nolan Connors: Laura and Louisa: ‘Little House’ and ‘Little Women’ Through Time

Kay Weisman: What Would Laura Read? A Look at the Youth’s Companion of 1879

Emily Woster: Little Books on the Prairie: Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Reading Life

Eddie Higgins: Translating Little House into “English” a UK Fan’s Perspective (Cancelled)

10:45 AM Break

11 AM History and Context

Barb Mayes Boustead: Wilder Weather: What Laura Witnessed

Jim Hicks: Children of the Brewster School

Susan Thurlow: Dr. George Tann, Black Frontier Physician

Helen Gunnarson: The Legalities of Roger and Rose

12:45 PM Break

1 PM Legacy Luncheon

2 PM Dale Cockrell & Dean Butler: Pa’s Fiddle Project Presentation

3 PM Break

3:15 Pa’s Fiddle Project Viewing

5 PM Dinner Break

7 PM Author’s Reception with Amber Waves Band

Friday, July 13

8 AM Linda Halpin

Three Concurrent Repeating Sessions Follow

9 AM Food of the Little House (Wieking Center)

10:15 AM Walking Time

10:30 AM Needlework of the Little House (Ballroom) Neumann/Halpin

11:45 AM Walking Time

12 PM Music of the Little House/ Amber Wave Band (Ballroom)

1:15 PM Box Lunch Social with Sitting in Interest Group of Your Choice

2:30 PM Speaker: Bill Anderson

3:30 PM Break

3:45 PM Barbara Walker

4:45 PM Dinner Break

6 PM LIWLRA Member Meeting/Member Early Admission to Alison Arngrim Show for Festival Seating

7 PM Showtime: Alison Arngrim, “Confessions”

Saturday, July 14

8 AM Julie Williams

9 AM Educator Panel

Judy Ziegler Green

Melanie Stringer

Ann Weller Dahl

Connie Neumann

11 AM Farm and Handwork

Kelly Kathleen Ferguson: A Twenty-First Century Look at the “Farm Cure”

Sarah Uthoff: Laura Ingalls Wilder: What A Doll!

12 PM Spelling Bee/Silent Auction

1 PM Closing Lunch

2 PM Load Buses for Walnut Grove (Optional)

4 PM Museum Tours

5 PM Dinner at the Community Center

7 PM Pageant

End of Show – Board Buses back to Mankato (Optional)

UPDATED: Made a couple of small changes, some times were adjusted on the fly and I didn’t correct for those.

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3 comments on “Don't Panic
  1. Judy says:

    Our “Educators panel”. Is a presentation by four LIW programmers entitled
    “How I bring Laura Ingalls Wilder to life”.
    Melanie Stringer
    Connie Neumann
    Judy Green and
    Ann Weller Dahl will participate.

  2. Jessica says:

    Can I pay to renew my liwra membership at the conference? I’m afraid my check won’t get there in time if I mail it. Thanks!