And One More on the Way: SPAM Museum

The conference countdown continues with the SPAM Museum.

SPAM Hands On

The SPAM Museum is named after the processed pork product that was the inspiration for what we call junk e-mails. Who would possibly want to take a side trip to Austin, Minnesota for that? Well, everybody. My family stumbled upon what is quite possibly the best done corporate museum in the entire country when disappointment with another museum left us with a little unexpected time on our hands on the way home from a trip. We’d seen the brochures at travel information booths along the way and since we were close by decided, heck why not stop? We were very glad we did, from the bronze farmer and pig statue (check out the detail on the ear corn in his bucket) to the interactive SPAM “canning” challenge (if I had written down my best time I’d challenge you to best it) to the Monty Python tribute (SPAM, SPAM, SPAM), the museum was well done from end to end. There was lots to see and do and learn. We also stopped by the SPAM gift shop and bought some, surprise, surprise, SPAM to take home and some other stuff for family and friends since it was full of hilarious stuff. Seriously we recommend people stop at the SPAM museum a lot and about about half the time we get a knowing look

SPAM Exterior

and smile as the person admits to having gone there and that it was great. So add your name to the list and visit the SPAM museum on your next trip.

Roadside America gives a more  in depth description and directions there. I haven’t spent much time describing how to find it because they probably also are the site with the best signage to and from the museum of any I’d seen. If you go to Austin and keep an eye out and  you’re sure to find it.

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3 comments on “And One More on the Way: SPAM Museum
  1. Nicole says:

    I recently visiting the Spam Museum and was very impressed. I also stopped at the Hormel House and the Mower County Historical Society! Don’t forget to have lunch at Steve’s Pizza (delicious)!

  2. Sue Busse says:

    A whole museum dedicated to canned luncheon meat? Yes! Definitely well worth your time to visit! And the museum is even free. SPAM has been around since 1937, so no doubt Laura had her fill of this product.

  3. Carole Nebhut says:

    We stopped there yesterday on our way home from LauraPalooza and yes, it was a blast! Great exhibits, hands-on activities that Alex enjoyed….well worth seeing!