What Would Laura Do? Camp Laura Kids Know!

Laurapalooza 2012 was a lot of fun — just ask anyone who went! Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and have a great time.

But another event taking place just around the corner captured the interest of many conference attendees, causing a number of them to wish they could sneak away from Laurapalooza just for a bit to take part in this other event instead. That event? Camp Laura, of course!

Think of it. At Laurapalooza, you listen to Barbara Walker speak about the research behind her cookbook. At Camp Laura, you bake heart-shaped cakes with her — and eat them, too!

Cooking with Barbara Walker

Barbara Walker assists the girls in making heart-shaped cakes.



"I want to play UNCLE JOHN!"






At Laurapalooza, you attend Alison Arngrim’s hilariously funny comedy show, and if you’re lucky, get a few seconds to speak with her after the show. At Camp Laura, you teach Alison — er, Nellie — to play games Ingalls-style (she knew Uncle John, of course, from playing it on television, but Pussy in the Corner was a new one for her!), and act out stories from television episodes (although our bright girls kept turning it around into stories from the books!) with Nellie herself!


See what I mean? And there’s so much more to do at Camp Laura!


Sew a nine-patch quilt.

Play with a pig's bladder. (Okay, okay, so it was a balloon.)














Meet Laura's cousin!

Perform "Little House" weather experiments with Barb Boustead.















Build a log cabin.

Learn about Laura from biographer Bill Anderson.

















Play Cat’s Cradle. Make an autograph album. Namecards too. They’re all the rage in Iowa, you know. Churn butter. Bake sourdough bread. Play Laura with other little girls who love her as much as you do. Dance to fiddle music. Spell in a spelling bee. Play Ring Around the Rosy… and Uncle John. Wear braids and a sunbonnet, and let it hang down your back if you want to because nobody cares if you’re brown as an Indian. And so much more!

Now don’t you wish you could go to Camp Laura?


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4 comments on “What Would Laura Do? Camp Laura Kids Know!
  1. Laura Welser says:

    Looks like so much fun! They were a great group of “campers”! 🙂

  2. laura says:

    Oh my, yes I want to do that! How lucky.

  3. TLynn says:

    Yeah, why can’t we grownups “play” some, too?

  4. Rachel Luther says:

    Camp Laura was an amazing experience for Anneliese. She hasn’t stopped telling people about all the cool things she did! While I really enjoyed my time in the conference, I also enjoyed the time I got to help out at Camp Laura. Thank you Zoie for organizing it and thanks to all the presenters and helpers!!