10 Things to Do Now that You're Home from LauraPalooza

1. If you’d offered to volunteer in any capacity at the conference (especially the people who said you had experience with non-profit status) please, e-mail Beyond Little House as a follow up.

2. Follow up with any colleagues you met at the conference.

3. Share something you learned at the conference with coworkers or friends.

4. For purposes of documenting your professional development, mark which programs you attended in the conference program and save it for future reference.

5. Follow up with any questions about LIWLRA or Laura Ingalls Wilder in general,  that may have come up during the conference.

6. Start planning a blog post for Beyond Little House. It doesn’t have to be anything big. It can just be something interesting that you found out, a primary source you like to quote, a good comparison that clicks with others talking about Laura, or an exploration of your most annoying myth might be useful to others in the field. Something that is old hat to you, might be brand new to somebody else.

7. If you attended don’t keep it to yourself, what session did you get the most out of? What is the best thing you learned? Share with friends, family, colleagues and online! 😉

8. Write up a couple of paragraphs about attending the conference for your local paper.

9. Check back for videos once I finish editing them on Trundlebed Tales YouTube site.

10.  Follow us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Read the blog, Join our group on LinkedIn

BONUS.  Try to hold on to that conference rush a little while and try something new now you’re home.


Looking forward to seeing you at LauraPalooza in July 2015, mark your calendars now!

Sarah S. Uthoff blogs at TrundleBed Tales; look for her on Twitter and YouTube and Blog Talk Radio
Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association, Vice-President and Membership Chair

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6 comments on “10 Things to Do Now that You're Home from LauraPalooza
  1. Dean Butler says:

    Sarah, you do an amazing job using digital media to keep everyone connected to Laura’s legacy.
    Many thanks, Dean

    • Sarah Uthoff says:

      Thank you very much. I certainly try. Connections are so important. I like to think of it as similar to the community building Laura did with her women’s clubs and Missouri Ruralist writing.

  2. Judy Green says:

    Sarah , will there be a conference evaluation form online? I missed saying all the good things I wanted to say about it, and want to do so while my memories are fresh.

  3. Sandra Hume says:

    Yes, Judy, there will! It is coming today, as a matter of fact. Keep a lookout in your email.

  4. Laura Welser says:

    I love this as I’m still floating on a LauraPalooza cloud! 🙂 And yay for the conference evaluation online. I was so busy that last day that I never got a chance to fill it out.

    • LauriOH says:

      And the silent auction was great! Thank you everyone for a job well done!
      “For purposes of documenting your professional development…” Anyone want to help me brainstorm a way I can tell my boss that Laurapalooza is essential for internal auditors to attend?