Walnut Grove on TV

Nicole Elzenga of Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove, was featured on TV show, The Women of Sweet Swine County. Go roughly 10 minutes into the video to find Nicole. HINT: Wait until the video loading bar turns blue to the 10 minute mark before sliding the control over.

The Women of Sweet Swine County – Ep 33

This was recorded a little earlier in the season, but talks about the changes at Walnut Grove and Nicole brought in the Beadle Bags made by Charlotte Stewart. The hosts don’t seem to be up on Laura fandom, but it’s a pleasant show and I think Laura fans, especially those who have been to Walnut Grove, will enjoy it.

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One comment on “Walnut Grove on TV
  1. TLynn says:

    As the daughter and granddaughter of breast cancer survivors, I love that Ms. Stewart donates 10% of the sale of all her bags & pillows to a breast cancer charity.
    This is an old link but it has some info about her good works: