Laura Event Makes the National Archive Blog

Most Laura fans are probably aware of the long time Laura Ingalls Wilder event every Labor Day at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. After missing a year last year, they’ve started it again and there has been a gratifying push of publicity online. The National Archives blog even featured a story on it. They also sent it out on their Twitter feed and impressively realized that the speaker was me, your very own Sarah S. Uthoff and tagged in my Twitter handle on the Tweet @Trundlebedtales.

I meant to share this earlier,  but September has been such a busy month for several of the Wilder sites that it just didn’t get happen. Still I wanted to share  it even if it was late because I was so pleased to see the National Archives helping to spread the word about Laura Ingalls Wilder and with any luck at all, you can put the Hoover Presidential Library event on your schedule for next Labor Day.  Although I haven’t heard confirmation it’s still there lately, during their last major remodel which put some important documents on public display and the Almanzo Wilder homesteading papers were included. The National Archives also included a single page of those papers in a scan for their document of the day last year. They also have previously published a series of two articles in their magazine Prologue about researching Laura Ingalls Wilder. (Note: the paper version, which is available for purchase as back issues of two of the magazine issues, has a lot more images.) We’re glad that the National Archive is continuing to take an interest in Laura and hope to see more signs of it in the future.

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  1. Nancy says:

    That is awesome, Sarah!!