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7 responses to “Curriculm Guides Going Out of Print”

  1. laura

    So should the fans who don’t have kids still own this?

  2. laura

    That’s what I was guessing the “LIW” people would think. Thanks

  3. Ann Dahl

    Even though I am the author of the guides, I can still pick them up and find all sorts of interesting information that I had researched but totally forgotten about. I have always told potential buyers that the adults will get as much, if not more out of the guides than the children.

  4. Jade Chevalier

    I just ordered mine two days ago. They still have 14 copies. Because I had never ordered from them before, I got the “new family” discount of 20% — they were only $40!

  5. Ann Dahl

    Jade, I’m delighted that you ordered the guides and even received the family discount! I think — let’s make that I am sure you will find them a valuable complement to the LH books themselves. They were a joy to write and a source of much “education” for me as I kept uncovering interesting information about this or that spoken of in the books. Do pass the word on to your “Wilder-loving” friends that some copies are still available.

  6. Ann Dahl

    Sarah — Thanks so much for reposting the article about the LH guides going out of print. Every bit of publicity is appreciated!

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