LauraPalooza 2012 Days 5 and 6 Videos

Welcome to Days 5 and 6 of LauraPalooza, Sunday, July 15, and Monday, July 16 2012. OK so it should have been two videos, but I didn’t take enough footage of De Smet. In fact, I originally meant to leave bright and early Monday morning, but as so often happens when I visit De Smet, I kept finding more things that I just HAD to do before I left and I got so busy doing them, that I didn’t take all the video I should have. I didn’t get on the road until about noon. As it was it was such a flying visit that I didn’t get around to visiting and doing everything that I normally like to do when I visit, but I had a good time anyway and I hope you will too.

LauraPalooza 2012 Days 5 and 6

There will still be a Legacy Award video, but it will be something of a patchwork and I may finish up another project or two before I dig into that.

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  1. Kelly says:

    This is totally unrelated to this post, but I must share. On the season premiere of “Parks and Recreation”, Ron Swanson is hosting a meat-centric BBQ, and shows a live pig that he intends to slaughter and serve. When one person reminds him that children are present, he says something along the lines of “then a lucky child can get the pig’s bladder and blow it up like a balloon”. Methinks Amy Poehler may be a Little House fan.