Little House Values Still Worthwhile Today

Guest post by Ann Weller Dahl

Three generations of readers have enjoyed the classics by Laura Ingalls Wilder known collectively as the “Little House” books.   One reason is that the values that were important to the Ingalls and the Wilders in the late nineteenth century are basically the same values we respect today.   Take a moment to read this list that I compiled over many years of study.  Then re-read the books, noting how these values are reflected one way or another throughout the stories:

I feel that these three must be at the top of the list:

  • There are love, strength, and security of the family unit.
  • It is important to get as much education as possible.
  • It is important to have and to practice a religious belief.

These may appear in any order:

  • A person must learn to survive as an individual, showing perseverance, courage, and creativity, rather than dependence on others.
  • There is joy in sharing, cooperating, and giving, especially of one’s self.
  • A person should respect all forms of nature, even though at times, nature may cause severe hardships.
  • Needs can be simply met.   A person should be thankful for what he/she has.  Things will be better soon even if they are not good now.
  • Respect should be shown for elders and their wishes obeyed, even if those wishes are not your wishes.
  • A person should use correct grammar and have proper manners.
  • A person should have patriotic pride.
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2 comments on “Little House Values Still Worthwhile Today
  1. Ann Dahl says:

    Thanks so much, Sarah, for posting my article about the values in the LH books. Reading it over, I just realized that I used one of two words incorrectly: Either it should be late nineteenth century, or late eighteen hundreds. And I pride myself as a proofreader! Forget that!


  2. Amy Ettawageshik says:

    Beautifully put.