Little House: The Movie?

A Little House on the Prairie movie?

Sounds like it may just be in the works according to these articles in Huffington Post and New York Daily News. Take note of who is involved in this project. It is to be produced by Trip Friendly of the Friendly family.

We will be keeping our eyes and ears open for updates and will pass them on as soon as we hear.

What do you think? Do you think they can stay true to the books?

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3 comments on “Little House: The Movie?
  1. Donna Shaw says:

    I hope they can stay true to the books!

  2. Daniel Rabe says:

    I think that our LIWLRA Board ought to write an official letter expressing our thoughts on the project. We can tell who we are, and offer our collective expertise to them to assist them in any ways possible to help them stay true to the books and heritage of Laura. Who better than us to do this, and I feel that we can be taken seriously as an official body. Thoughts anyone?

  3. There’s definitely a “Serious Project” vibe to this, based on the screenwriter’s credits. (Abi Morgan, who wrote The Iron Lady.) I wonder if this will be intended for more of an adult audience. Whatever the case, I’m intrigued.

    Keep in mind that the articles are all saying the project is still in negotiations—not necessarily greenlighted yet, but getting a lot of attention.