Laura Days in Pepin WI Trip 2012 Day 1

During the last few years of my trips to Pepin, Wisconsin for Laura Days I’ve been taking footage. I wanted to put together showing all the things that you could do in Pepin. Every time I come home without footage of something I realized I needed. So I decided this year, instead of trying to show you everything there is to do in Pepin that I would just show you what I did on my trip. So come along with me to Pepin and I hope that you can come in person next year.

Pepin’s Laura Days Trip Day 1 Part 1

  • Eldorado Overlook
  • One-Room School With Collapsed Roof
  • Barn Quilts
  • Hotel Winnishiek
  • Burr Oak, Iowa
  • Steve Luse, Director of Laura Ingalls Wilder Park and Museum

Pepin’s Laura Days Trip Day 1 Part 2

  • State Line Motel
  • Amish Territory around Harmony, Minnesota
  • Crossing Lake Pepin/ Mississippi River
  • Laura Days set up
  • Pepin Motel
  • Garden Pub

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