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Celebrating Your Birthday, Prairie Style!

I didn’t start reading the Little House books until I was eleven. So I missed out on being Laura Ingalls Wilder for Halloween (that will be remedied this year!) and I never really had a prairie girl birthday party, although I recently found a photo that proves I must have had what would have the closest we could come with a Betsey Clark cut-out as a centerpiece for my 13th birthday party. The wonderful cake that my mother made and decorated that year also had a Betsey Clark doll on it.


You have to look close to see the Betsey Clark prairie girls centerpiece.


But after I saw this young girl’s Little House on the Prairie birthday party which was recently shared on facebook by fellow LIWLRA member and LauraPalooza attendee, Laura Whitaker, I was wowed.

I have a birthday coming up soon and asked my husband to take a look at the pictures so he could throw me my Laura birthday party. I’ll be 52.

What about you? Did you have a prairie girl or boy birthday party?

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4 responses to “Celebrating Your Birthday, Prairie Style!”

  1. Annika

    Somehow (I’m not sure how) I have never had a Laura birthday. I’ve got 9 months to plan for my 35th. I think it will be a teensy bit less extravagant than the one you linked to (which looks like it cost more than my wedding!) but I will definitely have popcorn, lemonade, and vanity cakes!

  2. Laura Whitaker

    Never had one but I do like the saying “It’s never to late”!!!!! Can I come to yours Laura Welser??????

  3. Rebecca Brammer

    Wow. Loved where she said Ma would be proud. Can you imagine Ma’s reaction to the price tag of that birthday party? WOW.

  4. Julie Frances Miller

    That is some party! Wish I had one when I was little! It would be nice to do at least some of these things for LauraPalooza 2017 (Laura’s 150th birthday party)!

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