Laura Ingalls Wilder Quilts

Episode 35 of Trundlebed Tales featured one of the speakers from LauraPalooza, talking about Quilts and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Listen as I talk quilts with quilt historian Linda Halpin. We explore trends in quilts during Laura Ingalls Wilder’s lifetime and how quilts changed over time. We talk about how quilts were sewn and how they were used. Halpin is the author of Quilting With Laura. This has been one of my most popular episodes yet.

Halpin also asked me to get word out on a correction. I had surprised her with a follow up question about chemical dyes. She misspoke and wanted to  get the correction out there. The William Perkins she mentioned was English rather than German. “And while England got heavily involved in the dye industry, they were quickly outdone by Germany, who took the industrial lead in dyes.”

If you enjoy this episode, catch one live on this Saturday.
Episode 36 – Dr. George Tann
Saturday, October 27, 2012 2 pm ET 1 pm CT 12 pm MT 11 am PT
Join host Sarah Uthoff and Susan Thurlow as they talk about Dr. George Tann. Dr. Tann was a real life doctor who saved the Ingalls Family when they were sick with malaria in Kansas, Indian Territory. Laura Ingalls Wilder describes the incident in Little House on the Prairie. However, there is much more to Dr. Tann’s life than that. Thurlow has done extensive research and will share her results.

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