Watch Jeopardy Today

Roland Frank Rydstrom of the De Smet Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society asked us to pass this along.

Please tune in to JEOPARDY Friday, October 26th. A special Laura Ingalls Wilder-related answer/question will be featured in the new episode!

The photo and information JEOPARDY used for this episode was provided by the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society in De Smet, SD, founded in 1957.

Please see the “show guide” and “when to watch” links on the JEOPARDY site AND check your local listings to find out when to watch the new episode airing tomorrow. (Not the repeat.)

THANKS for watching, and please spread the word to other Laura and LITTLE HOUSE fans!

NOTE: I left the hyperlinks as he had them to facilitate you copying them into your social media. Let’s really spread the word!

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