East Coast, How Are You?

I live in Michigan, a pretty fair distance from the East Coast. But the effects of Hurricane Sandy are evident, even at this distance: power outages, downed trees. I see clean-up crews all over the place. And that’s simply nothing compared to the havoc she has wreaked on the coast, especially in New Jersey. The absolute power and size of this storm is incredible.

As I often do in times like this – are you this way, too? – I think of the Ingalls family during the hard winter. No power to lose, and no trees to fall, but still … victims of Mother Nature, complete reliance on only the supplies they’ve stored in their homes, and not for a few days or weeks, but for months. As I do so many times, I wonder how on earth they did it.

Now I’m wondering about those in Sandy’s path. It’s hard to wrap my brain around all of the loss and damage and those who were affected have been in my thoughts and prayers.

How are you doing, East-Coast Laura fans? Please know that all of us here in Laura’s world are pulling for and praying for you!

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5 comments on “East Coast, How Are You?
  1. Ann Dahl says:

    Baltimore came through with minimal power loss and damage from falling trees. By comparison, our storm in late June was sudden and much worse, with some homes/businesses being without power for over a week and many major branches or whole trees down. With the long warning period this time, Baltimore Gas and Electric was able to call in help in advance. I’m guessing that the company may have sent some of those crews out-of-state farther north, considering the unbelievable damage there and the relatively small number of people without power here. Thanks for asking, Laura. Very thoughtful of you. Ann

  2. Shelley says:

    For my family in NH we were lucky not to have any damage (we haven’t been so lucky in the past). We, however, do not have any power and haven’t since Monday night. They are saying maybe Friday. We live in a very rural area and depend on our well and pump for water and such. That is the part that bothers me the most, the lack of water. It is very trying.
    But that said, I do know that people in NJ and NY have it much worse and I can’t even imagine that.

  3. Donna Shaw says:

    We live in NH (Hello,Shelly!)but we were fortunate to only be without power for 24 hours. Shelly,I hope you get your power back soon! We live in northern Strafford county.

    • Shelley says:

      We live in outer-coastal Rockingham County. It is tough because we are on the end of the line for our power company so I think we are last on the minds of the company as well. I believe a lot of the people around us with a different power company are back on, but we are in the dark. A lot of it is spotty which can make it more difficult.

  4. Stephanie says:

    In Baltimore ….. We were fortunate just got tons of rain and wind. Ocean city Maryland was hit hard and so was western Maryland thanks for your care and concern