Laura Homesite Season Ends

October usually is about the end of the main Laura Ingalls Wilder season for the year. If you plan a Laura trip after that, make sure you call ahead. They may or may not be able to accommodate you by opening the museum, etc. or giving lists of what there is to see. On the plus side you get autumn foliage and then snow photos. I called around to find out when the Laura museums were officially closing for the year.

Pepin, WI – Closed October 15, 2012 and re-open weekends only for next two weeks.

Independence, KS – Closed October 31, 2012 – Possibly doing a special Holiday Project, check out their website for coming details

Walnut Grove, MN – Closed October 31, 2012, Had special event Nov. 1st that was successful enough that they may repeat it. Gift Shop and Mail Order shopping still available

Burr Oak, IA – Closed October 31, 2012

De Smet, SD –
Memorial Society open all year with slightly reduced hours during winter.

Ingalls Homestead – Closed October 31, 2012, Office remains open for making reservations, etc.

Mansfield, MO – Closes November 15, 2012, Possibly will do a Christmas event, not decided yet, Call first if you plan to visit during the off season.

Malone, NY – Closed September 30, 2012, Re-opens for December 1st for Christmas With Almanzo event (1 Day)

Spring Valley, MN – Closed October 31, 2012

Keystone, SD – Closed September 15, 2012

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