A Literrarium?

Let’s have a show of hands! Who received a Little House related gift for Christmas this year?

I did. And I have in the past and I want my daughter to check this out for the future (hint). 🙂

Writer and blogger, Elisabeth Dahl, made a really cool gift for her mother, who is a Little House fan. Pretty remarkable, I’d say.

Who is Elisabeth Dahl and what did she make? Click here to find out!

Maybe Elisabeth’s mom can let us know how much she loves her gift. I did not make the connection until I was in contact with Elisabeth, who has now added her mom’s name to the post. Lucky you, Ann Weller Dahl!

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4 comments on “A Literrarium?
  1. Ann Dahl says:

    Thanks SO MUCH, Laura, for posting this with BEYOND LITTLE HOUSE. Elisabeth has twice made me LIW-related items, the first being a pocketbook with one of the original Helen Sewell pictures from PLUM CREEK appliqued on it. The picture was cut from the cover of a very old, worn copy of BPC. Very special, indeed. I think she may post a picture of the pocketbook on Facebook or somewhere else so others can see it. I have not carried it to LauraPalooza since it wouldn’t hold enough for a major trip! I love to carry it at home. Always a conversation piece.

  2. Melissa says:

    Not the receiver, but gifted my 8 yr old daughter with her own copy of the Little House series. Trying to cultivate another generation of Laura lovers. She’s stayed up later than normal last night to finish Little House in the Big Woods; I think she might be hooked!

  3. Sarah Manley says:

    I got the Library of America edition of the books; it is SUCH a different experience reading the books without illustrations! I am paying attention to the language of the books a lot more.

  4. laura says:

    How very awesome. My favorite LH gift this year was the little wooden LH family that my niece and nephew and their family painted for me along with a log cabin and then made a box that looks like a LH book to keep it all it. Priceless!