Fandom Roundup 2012

This is the third year the Trundlebed Tales podcast has done a retrospective looking back over the events in Laura Ingalls Wilder fandom. 2012 was a busy year with a lot of events, from the publication of the new edition of Wilder’s books from the Library of America, to the national Laura conference, to the building projects being started at Mansfield, Missouri; Malone/Burke, New York; and Pepin, Wisconsin it looks like it will be exciting in 2013. Take a Listen!

And especially note the part where we ask about YOUR Laura story. Whether it’s how you became a Laura fan in the first place or something special Laura place or event you visited or activity you tried, we want your story to be part of the Laura Ingalls Wilder On-Air Birthday Party podcast, coming February 7th. You can either call in live that night or share your story before that as a comment, as an e-mail, or on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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